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About Us

The New York City skyline you see today is also a timeline, across both trends in architectural creativity and ever-changing rules they must follow for their vision to be realized.

The New York City Zoning Laws were originally conceived in 1916 in response to innovations that made larger and larger structure possible, resulting in a critical need to set aside space for light, air, public use… In the intervening century zoning laws were expanded with increasing complexity, to include preservation of historic structures and contexts, economic incentives, and other needs of the City’s ever growing and changing communities.

But the labor intensive process for builders to sort through all of this paperwork remained relatively unchanged...until now.

Enter Zoner! In just moments, with a few clicks and keystrokes, architects, developers, owners, realtors and community boards are live with an interactive, visual model of what can be built in the designated space, Zoner covers all applicable zoning parameters, including: maximum building bulk and height; the allowable use of the site; special districts and landmark rules; required setbacks and much more.

For example, here is how the City zoning website describes requirements for an iconic type of “brownstone” district :

“The street wall of a new building, on any lot up to 50 feet wide, must be as deep as one adjacent wall and no deeper than the other. On lots wider than 50 feet, the street wall of a new build­ing may be no closer to the street line than the street wall of an adjacent building. A street wall need not be located farther from the street line than 15 feet.”

Quite a distance from there to what it all means for your project. Zoner generates specific measurements -- and visuals -- in seconds!

Meet Our Team

The Zoner team includes innovative and experienced architects, realtors and computer scientists who know firsthand that in the 21st century, interoperability across the disciplines of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Ownership (AECO) is key to successful completion of exceptional projects.

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March Chadwick

Founder and CEO

March W. Chadwick, He is an architect, consultant, professor, and software developer. March’s consultancy business has grown particularly with Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects and has sponsored continued growth in design of systems and software development. March's skills managing and operating a successful practice, successful record as an architect, deep knowledge of the world’s most complicated zoning text, and relationships within the real estate industry are key to the development of Zoner. March is a software developer with experience in three dimensional design and algorithms used for development of large infrastructure and civil planning projects. March is a LEED AP architect and member of the American Institute of Architects, Building Smart Alliance, Municipal Arts Society, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, Queens Chamber of Commerce and numerous community groups. He has served as principal architect and owner of M.Arch Architects in New York City since 2003.


William Kelly

Cheif Operating Officer

William Kelly is a software engineer at Google. Will’s experience as a programming and advertising engineer compliments his background in economics and computer science. He is a designer, programmer and entrepreneur.

William has built up a wide range of experience including real estate finance while working at KGS-Alpha Capital Markets, web development and design while single-handedly launching the corporate website Ameyaep.com, and leadership while serving on the executive boards of Emory’s Economics Society and Sailing Team. William’s experience, strong presence and aptitude for business and strategy are key to the success of Zoner.

Portrait florent

Florent Biais

Marketing & Media Project Designer

Florent Biais is a French architect with over 10 years of experience. He has led numerous architectural, urban, and creative works, from design to completion, in the US, China, and France. He has collaborated with some of the most prestigious design and architectural firms in Paris and New York.

Florent's previous experience includes work for Spacesmith LLC, in charge from SD to CA for the interior design and completion of the new Hermès store, in Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX. At WORKac Florent performed architecture services on the design of the new Assembly Hall in Libreville, Gabon, for the 2014 Summit of the African Union. Project that WORK Architecture Company has won in September 2012 after an international competition.

Portrait anthony

Anthony Quivers


Anthony holds a Master of Architecture (MArch) from California College of the Arts. Anthony's undergraduate studies was a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition Anthony holds a Graduate Certificate in Information Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Anthony serves the M.Arch team in many aspects of data management associated with BiM technology, project feasibility customer service, and construction document production. Athony's prior working experience at Pathrule Infographics including development of user interface for political site.