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Improve your team's development strategy. Dynamically visulize existing and allowable building bulk and uses.

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What can Zoner do for you?

Providing timely, accurate, low cost real estate transparency.

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How Zoner Works...

Zoner instantly delivers all the zoning information affecting your site, clearly illustrating strategic points necessary to project development.

Zoner makes zoning simple.

Development projects entail huge lists of questions - for the team and the surrounding community. Zoner factors in all regulatory constraints with accurate data in real time allowing you and your team to rapidly visualize the future a development.

"ZONER is exactly the sort of thing real estate development in New York needs.



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Maximum building bulk, unit and parking counts

Zoner is a real estate optimization tool designed with the user in mind who is seeking a comparative tool for viewing different site specific options for a potential real estate investment. With Zoner users can instantly see the future, viewing the total allowable floor area, allowable number of units, floor area ratios (FAR), number of parking spaces, street trees, and more.

Land is expensive and sourcing the right investment for a site specific project is a real challenge given the regulatory constraints. Zoner assists the labor intensive process of comparing development solutions with accurate public data streamlined into an attractive visual online real estate comparison tool.

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Buidling Setbacks, and restrictions easily explained

Techicnical details easily communicated.

Development teams can quickly view maximum heights, setbacks, and building to street relationships. Teams can see existing building bulks, run multiple options, and rapidly compare different building potentials with proposed building uses.

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Building Stacking plans

What is the best use of your site? Is it commercial, residential, industrial, mixed-use, community facility, affordable housing, a medicial office, an airport or a school?

Zoner assists development teams quickly visualize what is existing and what is allowable. Zoner uses a concise building stacking chart so all stackholders can rapidly visualize an existing and potential building with its allowable floor occupancies.

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Special Districts and commercial overlays

Special districts are area throughout the city that vary from tradional zoning that are designed by the city to encourage specific uses, limit heights, or encourage economic activity through promoting certain building uses. The typical regulatory zoning constraints may alternate depending on the district that could constrain investment in a development.

Zoner allows teams to visualize and understand the contextual relationships in an attractive user interface and prject report.

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More than 35,000 buildings throughout New York City are protected as individual landmarks, interior landmarks, scenic landmarks, or as part of 114 historic districts. The unique and memorable streets of New York City is not discounted in Zoner UI and report deliverables.

Benefits and restrictions exist with landmark buildings. Zoner allows customers to understand and plan for the challenges and opportunities that exist with these buildings.

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Relationships to the public street and neighboring buildings are rapidly explored with Zoner. Height factors, tower setbacks, sky exposure planes, are easily explained with 3D models, sections, plans, and elevations.

These relationships and each restriction are also verified against the NYC zoning text with references, links to the public data. Zoner allows users to comment and share development ideas and concepts among team members.

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Building Bonuses and lot mergers

Explore different options for building uses. In a clear graphical interface users can rapidly visualize and compare allowable bulding bulks with different use options.

Zoner's allows users to explore building options of adjancent and merged lots. Zoner calculates and delivers all the available air rights that can be merged or transferable to a lot.

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Explore building types and opportunities

Rapidly view and compare building types. How does a tower on base development opportunity compare to tower setback from the street? How will a public plaza compare to a community facility devlopment?

The Zoner platform eases building development desicion making and helps teams stay together.

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Explore building geometry and site context

Zoner allows customers to rapidly prototype building shapes and geometries for enhanced feasibility and project planning.

Zoner communicates contextual relationships in 2 dimensional maps, as well as 3D mapping interface.

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Who is Zoner for?

Zoner saves time and money for architects, developers, investors, owners, brokers, real estate professionals, city planners, and more.

"Everyone knows the New York City zoning resolution is opaque and confounding; an application to demystify zoning analysis is not just welcomed, it's essential!"

— Joseph B. Rose
Chairman, New York City Planning Commission, 1994–2002

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