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What is Zoner's™ mission?

Our objective is to understand your needs and simply assist you with technology that can be used across multiple platforms.

Since 2002 40% all available land in New York City has been re-zoned. These changes result in confusion and uncertainty for owners, businesses, and communities. Zoner delivers transparency so that your business, home, or group can know what is allowed and the rough envelope that you project should fit inside.

Interoperability is key to the collaborative work environment today. This is true across many industries and is in part result to information availability and organization. The AECO (Architecture Engineering Construction Ownership) industry is rapidly changing with the development of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Getting the right information into a project and out to collaborators is key to project success. 

We recommend BIM for our customers and offer the exchange service from our software that will integrate with all BIM platforms.